ZIEN24 will be there first!

You can stroll through the most beautiful homes while sitting in your chair.

From now on, you can be the first to view homes without having to travel all the way to the actual location and thus make a perfect selection of homes you actually want to see! In addition, you can of course take another leisurely look at homes you’ve already visited.

With our Virtual Reality tours, you can virtually walk through our clients’ homes. Virtual Reality, or VR, is a new technology and uses computer control to simulate surroundings where you as a user are offered a lifelike experience without actually being there!

How does it work?

Start a VR tour in four easy steps.

You can start a VR tour in four easy steps from your own couch. All you need is a smartphone and a pair of VR glasses. Ask your realtor about any homes that may be of interest to you.

Search for the address you want in our search bar.

You can type in and search for the address you want in the search bar of our VR tours page.

Click on the 'TAKE VR TOUR' button.

In the results, you will find the addresses found based on your search terms. Once you've found the address, click on the 'TAKE VR TOUR' button.

Rotate your phone and click on the glasses in the menu.

Click the 'TAKE VR TOUR' button to open the tour. Click on the image of the tour and rotate your phone. Click on the glasses in the following menu.

Now use the star icons to take the VR TOUR.

When wearing the VR glasses to take the tour, you can navigate to the other rooms by aiming the little dot in the middle of your screen at the star icons. These stars are the key to the other rooms you can view in the home.